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Named after the famous German herbal Liqueur, Jagermeister is an L.A. Confidential x Blueberry cross mid harvest indica hybrid. Purplish buds with an aroma of earth and wood makes Jagermeister pleasing to all the senses.

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Jagermeister is a mid-harvest indica hybrid cross between Blueberry and LA Confidential.

Appearance & Aroma

Dark forest green with a smattering of purple adorns this strain. Classic indica earthy wood notes are the most noticeable characteristics of Jagermeister’s aroma.


Provides full body relaxation, like sitting in a hot tub with a fresh shot of its namesake.

Please note: Each person’s experience may differ depending on levels of tolerance and other unique, individual factors.

1 review for Jagermeister

  1. Juan Love

    From the intial flex appeal the discerning and well seasoned smoker alike would be vigilant in eyeing to consider a purchase.
    You see a nice dark green pinecone of a bud there is some purple hue to it.
    It looks solid the bud is practically inviting you in with just the look or to me at least the trichrome crystals evident at a first glance suggest a good experience awaits.

    The smell is very pronounced and extremely unique with a sort of subtle hint of sweet spice with a very earthy feel to the smell itself some say it smells like licorice and gasoline.
    Smell is a BIG seller to me for this one.

    How it smokes the smoke to me was not at all far off the smell of the bud that was in bag.
    It is an OG strain and it makes no mistake of not informing you of that fact.
    Once you taste it you will surely remember it as it very disticntive in that respect.
    Not overwhelming to take it once you accustom to the smell and very distinct taste.
    I have heard some say they love it or hate it.
    The smoke does not hit you so hard either very good cruising like sensation with it even.

    Effects this one is a dandy of a smoke to me it is a very clear high does not put you to bed.
    I would say as I write this it even helps you focus your thoughts.
    It has all the pain relief and even some other lovely unintended effects.
    This is a good uplifting high I am fluidly writing this and have really no stopping me doing my everday works.
    I had an upset stomach and this cleared it and all the symptoms up right away.


    overly dry mouth
    I find it hard to just go to sleep on this indica as it really helps you focus your thoughts and get moving.
    The couch lock is for me not there but it does let you relax while functioning so for those of us that embrace of our creative sides while you partake it is too good a creative aide and can induce long hours of focused work with only a relatively small amount of product which may spell bad news for missing sleep but there is other indica strains for that.

    Take aways
    A very unconventional smoke to those that are discerning of the pungent smelling smokes like these and to me what I got was very different from the bag smell at least to me.
    I enjoyed that things were different in that respect all in all I would say this is an editors pick and will end up in my rotation for a while.

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