Curó Virgin Nuken



Curo Virgin Nuken is a Canadian strain from the cross of Shishkaberry and God Bud. We were able to work closely with an expert grower who delivered exactly as requested. The flowers are gently wrapped in their sun leaves to protect the precious crystals. You don’t buy peeled bananas from the store, do you?





Nuken is an sativa-dominant strain from Canada bred by combining genetics from Shishkaberry and God Bud. THC 23-25%

Appearance & Aroma

The very loosely trimmed buds make this strain an absolute show stopper and the first one in our collection to receive a 4A+ grade!  Those lovely long leaves protect the virgin buds’ precious trichomes like the peel of a banana and allow for glistening, heavy trichome coverage.  Nuken offers delicious notes of mango and berry. Undress by hand and discover the pleasure of truly cared-for, top-grade cannabis.


While undeniably strong, Nuken typically leaves you functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends. Relaxed, happy effect and great for stress, fatigue, pain, depression, insomnia. Recommended as an evening rather than a daytime smoke.

Please note: Each person’s experience may differ depending on levels of tolerance and other unique, individual factors.


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