Curó Death Bubba


Curó Death Bubba has been carefully cured for well over a year, enhancing it’s smoothness, taste and potency.  It’s fragrance has evolved from primarily tangy, sweet and earthy to incorporate distinctive notes of chocolate, orange and coffee. Golden tones have emerged amidst chartreuse leaf and dark purple highlights. As she has aged, this now famous strain has taken on a new level of sophistication and distinction.  Come and see what’s got us blissed out in our easy chairs.

Gourmet Vegan Dark Chocolate Mushrooms – 1g – Golden Teachers


1g Gourmet Vegan Dark Chocolate Mushrooms are made with delicious high quality dark chocolate by a professional chocolatier! The chocolate makes eating mushrooms much more pleasurable, and the cacao has psychoactive properties which actually enhance the psychedelic experience.  In fact, there are those who have cacao alone in ceremonies to enjoy it’s lovely effects.


$14.00 – $330.00

Kwanzaa is an early harvest sativa with a beautiful purple, green and orange colouration.  It’s aroma features overtones of pink grapefruit with hints of sweet vanilla musk.  Smoke this sweet herb and join in the African celebration of life!

Burmese – Dried Mushrooms

$14.00 – $330.00

Burmese is a beautiful psilocybin cubensis mushroom strain with South-East Asian origins.  Burmese is a very high potency strain beloved by experienced mushroom users as it often provides powerful waves of euphoria, strong visuals including geometric patterns and a dreamy psychedelic state.