$25.00 – $120.00

Heading into the winter months at the end of a challenging year, we want to support you the best way we can. We’ve been collaborating with Eir Sacred Wellness to develop a beautifully elegant yet sophisticated Microdose Kit. This gorgeously crafted box serves as the perfect centrepiece and aid for creating ceremony and intention, which have been shown to profoundly enhance results.

One of the biggest challenges with Microdosing is getting the right dose, too much can throw off your day, not enough just isn’t effective. This kit features an exquisitely ornate silver spoon allowing for tailor made precision dosing with 25mg per scoop (a quarter of our current 0.1g microdose capsule).



Yocan Groote Battery & Chargers are some of the most beautifully compact vape batteries on the market. They come in a variety of strikingly sharp colours with a stylish matte finish. Grootes have well crafted sturdy builds which significantly minimize the possibility of breakage, and the futuristic magnetic 510 thread cartridge mechanism is as slick as they come.

Turning your Groote on or off is done with a simple 5 clicks on the power button while the pre-heat function is activated with 2 clicks to turn on and another 2 clicks to turn off. 3 clicks on the power button cycles between the 3 available power/voltage settings (low, medium, high).



THCA Diamonds represent the purest and most potent form of cannabis concentrate to date. While cannabis flower usually tops at around 25% THC, concentrates 70%-90% THC, Diamonds are approximately 99% THC. This is essentially the “everclear” of cannabis, and it’s often added (capped) to less potent concentrates like shatter or honeycomb. A Terpene sauce is also added to give it a lovely natural taste and smell while simultaneously enhancing the high.

Made by live resin pressurized through a chromatography machine to produce it’s crystalline form, you’ll see why Diamonds are a girl’s or guy’s best friend! Remember, start with small amounts and build, this stuff is strong!



Compassion in Motion is happy to introduce 100mg THC Cannabis Infused Milk Chocolate bars! Each bar is made with premium ingredients, bean to bar, with lab tested solvent free distillate and love!