Curó King Tut – On The Vine

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Curó King Tut – On The Vine is a 10 Month Cure which was the second premium craft-strain to come out of Misty Creek labs. Grown using the same innovative techniques as the OMG, this mid harvest sativa dominant plant was fed energized, vortexed intentional water infused with a variety of frequencies. As a result, King Tut provides a rich array of positive effects along with a bouncy aroma of fresh, sweet hops. For anyone seeking soulful healing, a cheerful mood elevator and a bit of motivation as daylight hours dwindle, King Tut is sure to provide exactly what is needed.

*On the vine strains are kept on their original stalks to minimize trichome loss that occurs with excessive trimming/jostling.  We can gently hand remove them from the vine at your request, if you prefer them on the vine we do add in extra to help offset the weight of the stem.

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1 review for Curó King Tut – On The Vine

  1. Jonny

    One of the best Sativas I’ve ever smoked. Bought it twice, loved it both times. It was a hit during the day at the lake!

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