Curó OMG Kush

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Curó OMG Kush is a Mid-Harvest Indica cured 19 months as of this post and Oh. My. God. As this beauty has aged, chlorophyll has slowly but surely made way for regal tones of silvery purple and white.

A scientific mastermind at Misty Creek with an incredibly deep affinity for nature fed these special plants with energized, vortexed, intentional water. They’ve been infused with a variety of frequencies to provide healing for body, mind and soul, eliminate paranoia, open the third eye and enhance sensuality among many other things.

The flavour and fragrance are of delicious sweet grapes and earthy kush. Great for energy or relaxation, this magical strain seems to do whatever people need. Join the next level of cannabis evolution.

Curó Quicknotes:

·         Better with age like scotch & cigars
·         Smoother, Sweeter, Stronger
·         Less chlorophyll = Smoother
·         Starches convert to sugars = Sweeter
·         Delta 3&6 THC convert to Delta 9 THC = Stronger
·         Top shelf, for special occasions
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1 review for Curó OMG Kush

  1. Trevor

    Awesome I loved this strain, definitely unique, smoothness was unmatched and the smell is super sweet. Would recommend

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